Beta Brain Waves; 5 Brain Entrainment Recordings

Beta Brain Wave BundleWhen you have ample beta brainwaves, you think fast, get ideas quickly, and live in a state of efficient mental processing. An increase in beta brain waves is associated with goal setting and performance ability.

You’ll have more energy and more positivity. Increasing your beta brain wave patterns can pump you up. If you struggle to focus, concentrate, stay on task or keep your attention on your goals, why not try a beta boost?

We spend most of our waking hours in beta. Why not train your brain to respond the way you want, when you want it. All you need is a set of headphones. Brain training doesn’t get much easier than that. You’ll get all five of the following recordings;

You get…

Beta Brain Waves - mp3-#1 Attention & Focus
Use this session with your eyes open while studying, reading or working. This is a low beta/SMR session with isochronic beats at 12 Hz – 14 Hz, designed to facilitate attention and focus while you are studying or working. Be sure to adjust the volume to a lower level than usual so it can do it’s work quietly in the background. We recommend that you do not use this for more than an hour at a time, and take at least an hour break between uses.

Beta Brain Waves - mp3-#2 Motivation and Energy
This recording features isochronic brain beats at 15 Hz – 18 Hz, recorded under the sound of a bubbling spring. This is a stimulating beta session created to provide a boost of energy and motivation before you start a task or project that will call for plenty of motivation or mental energy. We recommend that you do not listen to this soundtrack in the evening because the stimulation can interefere with your ability to sleep.

Beta Brain Waves - mp3-#3 Study & Concentration
In a 1999 study, Thomas Budzynski, Ph.D worked with 8 struggling college students. After brainwave stimulation, the students significantly increased their GPA, and it continued to rise after the treatment was discontinued. Based in that study, this recording uses fluctuating beats of 14 Hz – 22 Hz to help you focus and learn better. The question is not whether you can learn new skills. The only question is what new skill do you want to learn better?

Beta Brain Waves - mp3-#4 Gamma Session
This recording is based on a cognition study, by Dr. Ruth Olmstead, demonstrating an increase in cognitive skills such as working memory, visual-motor coordination, response inhibition, planning, processing, freedom from distractability and processing speed. This stimulating session uses gamma waves of 14-40 Hz, useful for fatigue, depression, energy, attention and cognition. Recommended use: once/week.

Beta Brain Waves - mp3-#5 Extreme Focus
This recording was created based in the ADD research by psychologist Michael Joyce and David Siever, indicating that extreme focus can be achieved by stimulating SMR in the right brain hemisphere and Beta in the left. This recording uses binaural beats of 12-20 Hz, recorded with overlying underwater sounds. It is ideal to help focus and sharpen your mind before you begin a mentally strenuous task.

Beta Brain Wave Sharpen Your Mind 7 Day Meditation Program Beta Brain Wave Sharpen Your Mind 7 Day Meditation Program

Simple, step by step instructions to use the recordings in this package to sharpen your mind and improve your focus, concentration and cognitive working skills. You’ll never have to wonder when to use which recording, or how to get the most from the package. We’ve laid it all out for you in a simple and easy to follow calendar.

Includes instructions to get the most from each individual recording, plus a 7 day calendar that you can print out to use again and again – anytime you like.

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